Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine


Whether you are looking for a floor decking roll forming machine, or a dovetail profiled steel plate production line, JSR machinery can provide you with the solution. They are a manufacturer of all kinds of steel deck roll forming machines, and are dedicated to providing the best machine for your specific needs.

Dovetail profiled steel plate production line

Among the various types of metal deck floor construction machines, the dovetail profiled steel plate production line is a new generation product that has many advantages. It has high fire resistance, good mechanical properties, and ease of installation. In addition, it can reduce the amount of material consumed in load-bearing structures, thereby shortening the construction period.

A dovetail profiled steel plate production line comprises a roll forming machine, a hydraulically powered cutting device, a bending device, and a post-cutting equipment. These three components are designed to produce corrugated profile sheet panels that have a smooth finish. Moreover, they are made of galvanized steel. This type of machine is ideal for mid-rise residential structures.

The roll forming machine is equipped with a hydraulically powered cutting device, which can cut through the corrugated steel panel. In order to ensure accurate final product, accuracy of rollers is vital. The bending device, on the other hand, provides an indentation that prevents the bending moment from transmitting to the second region. The bending device may be a folding unit, die bending unit, or a punching unit.

In addition to the bending device, the cutting device can be a microwave forming roll. The microwave forming roll provides an aesthetic shape. This is important because it helps to save energy while processing thick-walled steel.

The bending device also enables to bend the workpiece in the weakened region. This region is positioned in the bending region, and is preferably located at a predefined depth. The bending device may also have a die bending unit, a punching unit, or a rolling unit.

The post-cutting equipment includes a transfer element that guides the workpieces to the weakening device. This enables a stronger and floor-decking-roll-forming-machine permanent bond to be established between the metal deck and the concrete.

The laser weld seam is another important feature of this particular steel profile. It is a very efficient way to strengthen the weakened point in the bending region. The laser weld seam is a very stable steel profile, and it results in a relatively simple production process. In addition, the laser weld seam is particularly effective at producing a clean and flat steel profile.

Automatic C purlin forming machine

Generally, in steel building construction, secondary members are usually cold formed steel Z or C sections. In order to save the space and money, an automatic C purlin forming machine for floor decking is used. The machine can produce various types of C purlins.

This forming machine is made of high strength and quality. Its PLC control system enables it to work efficiently. It also reduces the weight of the storey. The machine can be operated both manually and automatically. Moreover, it can be adapted to high-rise steel buildings. Besides, the machine guarantees precision and high productivity.

The machine includes main roll forming system, coil sheet guiding equipment, post-cutting equipment and hydraulic station. It is equipped with an industrial PLC control system and auxiliary electrical components.

The machine can change the size of the purlin in less than 15 minutes. Its working load is large and it can be applied in a variety of buildings. The roller material is galvanized. Moreover, it is heat treated. The shafts of the rollers are tooled twice by a grinding machine.

The C purlin forming machine can produce six different sizes of C steel purlins. The height of the purlin depends on the span length and the loads.

The C purlin forming equipment can be used in any type of steel building. The forming equipment is able to produce C and Z Galvanised Steel Purlins. It can make flat sheets into any customized shape. The machine is a perfect choice for producing high volume metal flooring components.

In order to solve the problems of structural deviation, the machine has a coaxial sliding sleeve. This sleeve enables the machine to achieve the fast conversion between the various sizes of C purlin. It also eliminates the need for changing the forming rollers and gaskets. The sleeve is a new and advanced way to fix structural problems.

Aside from being durable, the deck floor is fire resistant for 120 minutes. It is used in most of the steel buildings. It has embossed patterns and regular spacing. Its steel is light, which makes it recyclable. The corrugated profile sheet adheres well to the concrete.

JSR machinery manufactures all kinds of steel deck roll forming machines

Despite being a Chinese manufacturer, JSR Machinery is actually a global player in the high productivity metal processing equipment space. With its many years of experience, the company has mastered the art of designing and manufacturing custom roll forming lines for various applications.

As far as the steel deck roll forming machine is concerned, it is usually accompanied by a 5 ton manual de-coiler and runout tables. These machines are suitable for the production of a variety of standard metal deck profiles, as well as composite ones. The machines can also be configured for a variety of unusual applications.

As a result of its expertise, the company also offers its customers with comprehensive customer support services. The company has an impressive track record for providing quality products and reliable service.

For instance, the HG series forming machine, which is a professional tool for the metal decking business, has a very simple design, low power consumption and stable performance. It is also the perfect choice for large or medium sized industries.

The aforementioned floor decking forming machine has been on the market for a while now and is a modern automatic machine, which assures accuracy and precision. Aside from its use in reducing floor load, the machine can be mixed with adhesive or steel mesh.

Other than the machine’s name, the other worthy of mention is the aforementioned corrugated profile deck, which is usually combined with a step tile profile deck. The best part is, it is fire resistant for 120 minutes.

The other worthy of mention is the aforementioned floor decking forming machine, which can be easily operated manually or automatically. floor-decking-roll-forming-machine The manufacturer, Wuxi JingShiRui Machary Factory, has been backed by advanced technologies in the roll forming industry.

Although it is not as widely distributed as the aforementioned HG series forming machine, the floor decking forming machine is a worthwhile investment for any floor construction industry. This modern, automated machine has the ability to reduce the floor load by up to 30%, thereby allowing for savings in both material and labor costs. Aside from its many benefits, the machine has an excellent track record and a very high ROI.

Cherng Ji is dedicated to design and build the best floor deck roll forming machine

Among the manufacturers of floor deck roll forming machine in Taiwan, Cherng Ji is the leading one. They have over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of these machines. Their products are highly appreciated by customers all over the world. Their products are characterized by good quality, stable production, and great customer services.

When you build a tall building, you might want to use a floor deck roll forming machine. This will save you money in labor costs, and you will be able to make a beautiful surface with the help of the machine. You can also use it to form metal roofing step tile. If you are building a concrete deck, you can also use it to make a beautiful and durable deck.

This kind of deck can be a good option for you because it is fire resistant for up to 120 minutes. It offers a high level of durability and aesthetics, as well as a quick scale-up. In addition, you can get a high synchronization with the rest of the building, which will provide you with a better look. Moreover, it will also allow you to make a lot of space in your factory.

The roll forming process involves several stages. First, a coil is rolled into the rolling machine. After that, the machine will cut the coil to the desired length. Next, it will form the product through a forming step effect. Finally, it will smoothen the surface.