Detained US swimmers released after questioning

US swimmers Gunner Bentz and Jack Conger, who have been detained by the Brazilian police while boarding a US-bound plane on Wednesday, were released on Thursday after a four-hour interrogation regarding the alleged assault and robbery case.

The authorities have also asked swimmer Ryan Lochte to be interrogated in US regarding the incident. Both the swimmers have refused to testify on the alleged attack. After being released, the swimmers were moved to a hotel close to the airport after handing over the passports to local authorities. The two swimmers have agreed to speak to police on Thursday along with fellow swimmer James Feigen who was also present at the incident. The fiasco was a result of different versions of the robbery incident by the swimmers. According to Brazilian law, filing a false police report could get the teammates six months’ detention and a fine. Brazilian law also states that foreigners are not immune, therefore, the US swimmers could be detained, arrested and tried according to Brazilian law even though they are citizens of another country.

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