Add a Dual Color LED Light Bar to Your Emergency Vehicle

dual color led light bar

Add a Dual Color LED Light Bar to Your Emergency Vehicle

Using a dual color led light bar is an excellent way to add both style and functionality to your emergency vehicle. The brightness of the lights helps to increase visibility, which can keep you safe and prevent others from crashing into your car.

Motorists will be able to see the amber hazard lights, as well as the red and blue strobe patterns used by emergency services vehicles.

Quake Magma Series LED Light Bars

If you’re looking for a great dual color LED light bar to add to your truck, look no further than the Quake LED 42 Inch Windshield Light Bar Mounting Kit with Perch. This mounting kit was designed specifically for use with the Quake LED 52 Inch Ultra Accent, 53 Inch Monolith and 52 Inch Magma light bars and features a secure bolt in 5 positions on each side for a sturdy mount that won’t let your lights slip off while driving down the highway. It also features a durable black powder coat finish and includes all the hardware needed for a quick and easy installation.

The Quake Magma Series LED light bar is dual color led light bar constructed with a die-cast aluminum black powder-coat housing and a durable polycarbonate lens. It is designed to take a beating and perform in any condition. It’s IP67 waterproof rated and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Magma Series comes with a 30deg spot and 60deg flood combo beam, as well as white and amber LEDs or white and green LEDs.

TOMAR’s 26» Scorpion Series NFPA LED light bars are made to meet the demanding needs of Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers. They utilize hermetically sealed modules that are easily serviceable and optimized for NFPA use with pre-programmed functions that optimize lumen output and reach, as well as minimize vertical stray light.

Monster Basics Multi-Color/Multi-White LED Light Bar

The Monster LED Light Bar is a great way to add some color to your home or business. It comes with a remote and is designed to be used on indoor or outdoor walls. You can change the colors, brightness, speed, patterns and more with the free app on your phone. It also works with Alexa and Siri. You can even connect multiple strips together for a more dramatic effect.

This smart LED strip is perfect for cozy spaces like bedrooms, offices and living rooms. It features 16 different color options and can be controlled with a simple to operate IR remote. It is USB powered, so it can be plugged into any outlet.

It’s easy to install with preinstalled adhesive and can dual color led light bar be positioned in a wide range of locations. You can even mount it to your wall or ceiling with included clips. The remote can control up to 3 lights at once and can be paired with other remotes as well.

It’s an affordable and easy way to bring some color to your home or office. It can be plugged into any outlet and has a USB power cord for fast and convenient charging. You can set the mood with any color or create a custom scene. You can even use it to decorate your home for holidays or parties.

SpeedTech Lights K-Force 55 Linear LED Full Size Light Bar

If you’re looking to add a full-size light bar to your vehicle, look no further than the SpeedTech Lights K-Force 55 Linear LED Light Bar. This high-performance LED light bar has an impressive array of flash patterns to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Its 88 LEDs provide a high-intensity beam of light that will easily attract the attention of other drivers on the road. The lights also feature an amber flash pattern that helps your truck stand out in a variety of situations.

This powerful LED light bar has passed SAE J845 Class 1 certification. It also features a weatherproof design and is easy to mount on your vehicle with the included brackets and mounting hardware. Additionally, it can be used in different modes depending on your needs. It can be used in standard TIR mode for a clear signal or in multi-color mode for a warning signal and directional flashing.

Whether you’re on the trail or on the job, this dual-color light bar will help you get noticed by other motorists. The high-performance LEDs in this light bar produce a brilliant beam of bright white, amber, or red light. This feature makes the light bar ideal for use in a variety of applications, including off-roading and night hunting. The K-Force 55 also has a low profile design, making it an attractive choice for many vehicles.

RLB V3 36’’ Dual-Color LED Rear Chase Light

The RLB V3 36’’ Dual-Color LED Rear Chase Light is a perfect option for any UTV enthusiast who wants to upgrade their vehicle with a multi-function rear chase light. This rear-facing chase light is designed to improve rider safety and visibility for both recreational and professional off-road racing applications. The dual-color LEDs are designed to provide the driver and other drivers with an easy-to-read warning signal that is perfect for any extreme weather conditions.

The chase lights can also be used to light up the back of your vehicle, which is especially useful for enhancing the look of your vehicle at night. Unlike other standard rear-facing chase lights, the RLB V3 is designed with a sealed front PC lens and waterproof-sealed wire harness to protect against water and dust. The chase light is packed with advanced features, including 5 built-in blocks and 36pcs high-intensity LED chips for an outstanding lighting performance.

This rear-facing chase light bar comes with a rocker switch to allow you to control the center reverse/cargo white lights as well as the red running and brake signals. The unit is made to withstand harsh conditions, and it is fully waterproof with a corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. The high-quality LEDs feature an exceptional lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, making this chase light a great choice for your vehicle.