Псориатический артрит

Psoriatic Arthritis

What Полоса из высокоуглеродистой пружинно закаленной и отпущенной стали is psoriatic arthritis?

Normally, joints have smooth cartilage-covered bone surfaces that fit together as a matched pair and glide easily against each other. Arthritis develops when the cartilage breaks жесть стальная катушка/лист down. Then the joint surfaces rub against each other, causing pain and swelling. Sometimes the connective tissue that attaches tendons and ligaments to the bones becomes inflamed, too (enthesitis). The most common type of psoriatic arthritis is spondylitis of the spine. Other types of psoriatic arthritis include uveitis, ankylosing spondylitis, and osteomalacia, which causes severe symptoms in the feet and hands.