New district Olympic bodies by April 1

State Olympic association president K Ranga Rao says the process has begun for forming new bodies With formation of 31 districts in the State, the Olympic Association of Telangana (OAT) is drawing plans to form 21 more district bodies soon. The district associations will be ready and working from April 1, according to the OAT officials.

OAT president Prof. K Ranga Rao said that they are chalking out plans to establish new district bodies as soon as possible. “We have decided in our general body meeting recently about it and issued guidelines for the formation of new district associations. The procedure has started. We have to study the prerequisites like who are the Indian players from the place and how many are interested in forming the associations.

We need qualified people to run day to day business of the association. So we are collecting the information regarding that. After gathering all the information, we will form three-member an ad-hoc committee with an association member, sports association member and an Olympian or an Indian player and go ahead with the process. We will then call another general body meeting and will call for elections as per the constitution,” he elaborated.

“We have set March 31, 2017 as our deadline. Before that almost all the associations will be formed. From April 1, they will start functioning. But till then, all the players can compete from the existing associations in any state level competitions,” Ranga Rao said.

Elaborating on the process, general secretary Prem Raj said that, “The process has started last month itself. We have formulated the guidelines after thorough discussion. So we will begin the process after gathering the data from all the new districts. The current existing bodies will gather the information about the available persons, staff and players who can take the job,” he added.

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